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So, what is your score? As we near the end of term moving towards chocolate heaven aaahhh  ( aka Easter) , my happiness level score did go up quite a lot. But as they say, happiness comes from within so it is time to look at increasing the value on this very important scale.

I am a follower of Celstine Chua who writes the Personal Excellence blog. She is a dedicated personal development specialist who has the most amazing manifestos that you can print to put beside your desk. If you follow this link, you will come to the Timeless Principles Of Happiness Manifesto ( Awesome !)

With this in mind, I am going to share two ways in which you can increase your happiness scale.

If an issue is bothering you that makes you unhappy you need to look at doing 3 things :

Identify it - what is the problem?

I keep a journal of what is going on and read it back in a quiet moment to look for patterns. I write everything down and put it to one side- it also acts as a useful download at the end of the day. As you can imagine.. some entries are much longer than others...

Focus On What You Can Change

Look at the bigger picture... what things are within your control to change? What is not? There is no point working against forces that you cant change.

Remember every problem has a solution

There is a solution to every problem but sometimes in our lifestyle choice it may not be clear. Take some time out and think outside the box. When you have decided on what the solution is , act on it and then let it go. Let things run their natural course knowing that the solution sits right with you ...

The top tip that I have used from her timeless principles is the change in my language from What if ? to Next Time.

We can all think of situations where the change in words and feelings could have meant a very different outcome. So,

What can I do such that this does not happen next time?

A question that inspires the gift of hindsight - what a thought ?

Happy Easter ! Chocolate anyone .....

Exeat and Coach Turbo

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